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Despite the fact that fashion is without a doubt always changing, there is definitely some clear trends that have started to become more prominent as we get further into 2016. This is true for all styles, not just streetwear. So, if you want to keep yourself up to date on some of this year’s trends so you can ensure that you’re always looking good, here’s some advice.

This article will cover 5 different styles, some that are always popular and some that are just particularly popular this year, Formal wear, Smart wear, Streetwear, SLP aesthetic, and Minimalism. Obviously, with styles such as formal wear, some things never change, but there are definitely some clear trends.

Formal Wear

Formal Wear

In 2016, Formal wear, ironically, has definitely became more casual. It is becoming more acceptable to make your formal outfits a bit more interesting by switching things up a bit. For example, ditching a tie and just going for a casual shirt underneath a suit is gaining popularity, as seen in the picture below.

Formal Wear 2

Another trend that is bringing more popularity to the idea of a casual suit is shorter pants with no socks, typically paired with a very low profile, sleek shoe such as a loafer or some double monks. Shorter pants have been gaining a huge amount of traction in casual men’s fashion, and now they can be seen creeping into formal wear. Although the pants in the picture below are not as short as some of the pants we have been getting used to seeing in modern street style, they are definitely shorter than is typical of formal wear, and in my opinion, they look great.

Formal Wear 3

Formal wear once was a look which had a relatively strict set as rules, but as the years go on, more and more of these rules are being broken, changing the game and making formal wear a lot more interesting to those people who found it “boring” in the past.

Smart Wear

Smart Wear 2

Smart wear is pretty much the go to style for the man who wants to impress while still keeping it relatively casual. The trick with this style is to keep it simple. Basic Shirts, Sweaters, and Henleys are the essentials, along with dark denim jeans and versatile chinos. As far as footwear goes, a versatile pair of brown boots and some nice, dressier shoes will look great.

Smart Wear

Another key piece for this look will be a nice cardigan. The look amazing if your dressing on the more casual side of this style. Ensure that the cardigan fits nice and slim as that it one of the key aspects of this look, everything must fit slim.

Smart Wear 3


Streetstyle 3

Streetwear has been becoming a lot more popular in the mainstream and a lot more acceptable in the fashion world. However, trends in streetwear change probably quicker than any other style. Right now the biggest trends are ripped jeans, chelsea boots, and bomber jackets. Streetwear is definitely the most casual of all the styles in this article, so it might not be appropriate for everyone. But if you can get away with it, it can be one of the most interesting styles because of the wide variety of pieces that can be incorporated into it.

Streetstyle 2

Another big trend in street style at the moment is the overcoat. Although typically a more formal item, overcoats can look excellent with a minimal hoodie underneath them and some skinny jeans.



SLP Style 2

Although SLP is a brand, there is definitely a signature style associated with it which is very popular in 2016. It falls somewhere in between smart wear and streetwear, making it perfect for people who find streetwear too juvenile for their tastes. This look focuses on very slim fitting garments and a rockstar vibe. Key pieces here are flannels, leather jackets, and skinny jeans.

SLP Style 3

The SLP style also focuses heavily on slim, relatively high heeled boots. The three main boot types here are Chelseas, Wyatts, and Jodphurs. These fit the look perfectly because of their slim silhouette and clean look. They might be a bit feminine for some people, but this look is all about confidence, so make sure your comfortable pulling this style off before you commit to it.

SLP Style



Minimalism is another style that falls somewhere in between smart wear and streetwear. However, it is vastly different from the aforementioned SLP look. This look focuses on plain, high quality pieces, low profile sneakers, and minimal accessories to add character to the outfit.

Minimalism 2

Another big trend in minimalism at the moment is cropped trousers, I won’t go into too much detail on this because we already have an article on cropped trousers already.

Minimalism 3

That surmises 5 of the most popular current styles. If you want to stay on trend this year, refer to this article and you’ll be looking fresh.

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